Our Research

Phyto Drugs is a company engaged in the research and development of pharmacologically active natural products. Main focus of the company is in standardization of herbal extracts, isolation of novel pharmacologically active natural products and to perform its pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.

Standardization of Herbal extracts

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Standardizaton is the process of delivering a product with a specified minimum level of one or more plant constituent.

Standardization is the process of optimization to establish consistent potency and to ensure full spectrum of bioactive constituents (marker) from batch to batch. 

Our company is consistantly involved in the standardization of herbal extracts which are used extensively in the system of ayurveda and having a proven track record to provide mankind best of products to combat the illness.

Quality Control

Phyto Drugs Pvt ltd. is a professionally managed company having a very modern laboratries for controlling and maintaining the high quality standrds  of its products. The company follows quality control processes as per various pharmacopoeias like IP, BP, USP FP, JP etc. the company is also following its in-house quality control procedures which are properly validated.

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